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Better Quality & Personalized Service

Salem Fun Center carries a wide variety of skates and accessories for all your skating needs, both recreational and competitive. We sell quads, in-lines, speed skates and Roller Derby skates. Check out our wide variety of accessories for skates in nearly every color. This includes wheels, bearings, toe stops and plugs. We also carry derby pads and mouth guards!

Before you purchase online, ask yourself these questions:

How much will it cost for shipping and handling?
Will the skates fit correctly and comfortably?
If the skates don’t fit, do I have to pay shipping and handling for the replacement pair?
Can they provide expert advice on what skates are best for me?
Who will do service or repair work?

Remember, price is only one consideration when purchasing skates!


We service what we sell and are committed to making your skating experience truly enjoyable.

Our Pro Shop personnel will answer your important questions and will work to provide custom fit roller skates. Our Pro Shop staff conducts repair work, wheel grooving and new boot mounting. Any repair work is done during non-session times so please be prepared to leave your skates for at least 48 hours. Service Fees will vary depending on what type of repair is being conducted.

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