Traditional Party

Party Packages Include:

** You are welcome to bring in a Cake and/or Cupcakes, however, no other outside food or beverages are permitted **

Skate Mates are not included with the party packages but can be purchased for an additional price.

Add more FUN to your party with our gift bags for only $ 3.50 each!

Attractions to choose from are Skating, Bounce, Playzone (height limit of 52 inches), 2 games of Lazer Tag. If you choose the Ultimate package, your guests will receive unlimited Skating, Lazer Tag and Playzone (if guest is under the 52 inch height limit).

Our Pricing Plans

1 Activity Plus Party Package

  • Up to 8 Guests
  • $10 For each additional guest
  • Choose 1 Attraction

2 Activities Plus Party Package

  • Up to 8 Guests
  • $12 For each additional guest
  • Choose 2 Attractions

Ultimate Activities Plus Party Package

  • Up to 8 Guests
  • $15 For each additional guest
  • Ultimate Wristband

For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, please do not hesitate to contact us!!

Frequently Asked Questions

We consider guests to be children that will be eating and participating in the activities. Adults are not considered part of the “guest” list.

 The party package price is for up to 8 guests, so you will pay the package price and we will set up for 8 guests. After the first 8 guests, you will only be charged for the guests that show up.

You are welcome to bring table clothes, balloons and large centerpieces. We discourage pinatas due to not having adequate space to hang them. 

Yes, we require a $ 25.00 deposit within one (1) week of booking your party.

If an adult stays, but does not participate in any activities, there is no charge for him/her to be in the building. However, if the adult decides that they would like to participate in an activity, you may add their cost to your party bill if you wish.

Yes! We sell extra trays of pizza and extra pitchers of pop and would be more than happy to have them ready and in the room for when your party starts.

You are welcome to bring a cake and/or cupcakes, but no other outside food or beverage is permitted in the building.

We reserve Birthday Parties for a 3 hour time slot during a public session of your choice. Your party will go into the room for (1) hour sometime during that 3 hour period. The specific room time is not determined until the day of the party.

You can book your party in two easy ways! You can stop by or you can call us at (330) 332-4455. We look forward to hearing from you!

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